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Submission Finally Sent

I was able to send Christ the King Mass to the Committee on Divine Worship this past week.  The congregational cards printed correctly on a commercial-grade printer.  Thanks to everyone who has been stopping by.  Once the Mass is approved for distribution, I’ll post it here.  – Doug Walker


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Committee on Divine Worship – Submission Delay

Due to the persnickety nature of a certain ink-jet printer, the submission of Christ the King Mass to the Committee on Divine Worship is delayed.  My intent is to submit both the Choral/Accompaniment edition and the pew cards simultaneously, so that both can be approved for use.  The pew cards are not printing properly on my personal printer.  I’m hoping that I will have better luck with a commercial grade printer. – Doug Walker

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Awaiting Approval from the Committee on Divine Worship

Christ the King Mass is substantially complete.  It will be submitted to the Committee on Divine Worship the week of 9/3/12.  PDF files will be made available here once approval has been received.

Thanks for visiting.  I will post more information as it is available – Doug Walker